Welcome to the Great Grand Robin Jarvis Reread!

Hi! Welcome to the first post on our new blog!

We’re just over a month away from kicking off the Great Grand Robin Jarvis (Re)Read. Starting in January 2017, we’re going to be reading every book by British Young Adult fantasy author, Robin Jarvis, at the rate of one a month, starting with his first published book, The Dark Portal, Book 1 of the awe-inspiring Deptford Mice Trilogy.

As the parentheses in ‘(Re)Read’ might indicate, if you’re a Robin Jarvis fan, we’d love to have you on board to reread his books with us and if you’re brand new, we’d love to have you join in and – we’ll be honest – we envy you the experience of reading Jarvis for the first time.

Check out our other pages on the blog if you want to know more about Mr Jarvis, the project, or who we are. And then sign up for email updates down the bottom of the page so you don’t miss any of the action!

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