One Week To Go!

Yeah, we understand that you’re a bit annoyed that you didn’t get an initial invite to the Robin Jarvis Great Grand (Re)Read, but it’s not too late to join up!

We hope that you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas / holiday season with exciting plans coming up for New Years!

We’ve been polishing mousebrasses and sharpening peelers madly over the last few weeks getting ready for launch and I think it’s no secret to say that we cannot wait to begin (re)reading The Dark Portal with you all next week.

For everyone who’s already lit up our comments section with your thoughts on front covers, illustrations, editions, plays of Robin’s work and other such stuff, we want to say THANK YOU! Keep it coming.

We’ll post our Myth and Sacrifice Spoiler Policy in a few days, so we can make it as fun for everyone, old Jarvis die-hards and new-to-the-folds alike. Then our first post on The Dark Portal will go up on Monday 2 January 2017. Yeah!

In the meantime, you have a great New Years’ and we thought we’d leave you with this Deptford Mice Trilogy trailer, which Mr Jarvis put together a few years ago when he discovered that he could actually draw his characters on a computer as well. While it shows some of the classic images, it also has a few that we’d never seen before (such as Piccadilly standing on Piccadilly tube station). Enjoy!

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