Up Next Reminder | The Crystal Prison

The classic original cover of The Crystal Prison.

Now that we’re midway through The Dark Portal, this is just a reminder that if you’re thoroughly enjoying this – and we hope that you are! – that you might want to track down a copy of the second book in the trilogy, The Crystal Prison, before we start up in February.

With regards to editions, this is much the same as was the case with The Dark Portal. Ideally, you will want to see the illustrations, so we recommend:

The original edition (as shown above).

The silver edition with the dripping writing:













The American edition:


And because it’s the only in-print version still on sale, and because we like to support Mr Jarvis, where we can, we’d suggest buying the Kindle version as well.


2 thoughts on “Up Next Reminder | The Crystal Prison

  1. Thanks for the heads-up about editions! Nice to see Robin Jarvis’s cover art as well as the American edition cover art by Leonid Gore. I haven’t bought my copy yet. Have to see what’s out there second-hand and online.


  2. Can we really be midway through The Dark Portal already? Yowza wowza! Book One in the trilogy is either not quite as sprawling as I always thought it was or we are flying through the story on wings created from sheer enthusiasm!

    Remember the Whitby Witches boxed set I mentioned ordering? It was delivered a few days ago and I’m taken aback by just how beautiful it is for something that was a) bought second hand, b) over a decade old and c) was priced so cheaply. This must surely be how an archaeologist feels when he holds in his trembling hands a precious artifact from the distant past.

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