Up Next Reminder | The Final Reckoning


This is a reminder that in March we’ll be turning to the jaw-dropping finale of the Deptford Mice Trilogy – The Final Reckoning. (And trust me, if you’ve stuck with us as far as The Crystal Prison, you’re going to desperately want the third book come next month!) As with the first two, it is available for dirt cheap on the Kindle store. But we’d highly recommend getting hold of a hard copy, to enjoy the illustrations. If you’re after a hard copy, you’ll want the one pictured above, or one of these:


The 2000 Hodder Silver edition with holographic text (if you acquire all three of these, you’ll be able to line them up to see the completed picture on the spines!)


The US version with a cover by Leonid Gore (terrifying!)

And now, back to The Crystal Prison!


2 thoughts on “Up Next Reminder | The Final Reckoning

  1. Although no substitute can compare with the artwork from the first edition, the illustrators for the American and Hodder editions should be proud of what they went with for the cover of The Final Reckoning. Spine-tingling stuff all around. Like I said, the haunting picture which graces the cover of the original shall always take the crown but they’re great runners-up. Look at this stuff. This is dark fantasy at its darkest and most fantastical.

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    • Shall I tell you how impressive this collection of alternate covers truly is? I already have my copy of The Final Reckoning but seeing them together like this makes me want to own all three!


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