Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Crystal Prison


Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Crystal Prison are as follows:

HODGE  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 6 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 9) The first victim of the Fennywolde murders, he was tragically killed while abroad in the Wolde. Beloved son to his parents, cherished friend of Young Whortle and the other Fennywolde mice. Mould to mould, body to Green.

WHORTLE NEP [CALLED ‘YOUNG WHORTLE’]  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 6 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 11. See also: Whortle’s Hope)  Second victim of the Fennywolde murders. Privy to ancient secrets during his short life, this intrepid legend-treader will be sorely missed by all who knew him. A place of high honour is afforded him in the Green Hereafter. May those he left behind find their hope again.

JENKIN NETTLE [CALLED ‘JOLLY JENKIN’]  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 6 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 12) The last victim of Mahooot the owl, he has joined his mother in the Green.

MAHOOOT  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 6 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 12) Scourge of the Wolde, this fearsome predator was at last brought low by Madame Akkikuyu. May those fieldmice who had a part in his inglorious demise seek the pardon of the Green for their rash and violent actions.

MADAME AKKIKUYU  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 3 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 14) Born in the Sign of the Vagabond, this far-travelled ratwitch spent her whole life seeking the peace which was finally granted her in death. Released from both the House of Bauchan and the tyranny of Jupiter, she sleeps in the Green. May her brave and compassionate deeds be better remembered than her misguided ones.

ABRAHAM WOODRUFFE  [‘KING OF THE FIELD’]  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 6 – The Crystal Prison | Chapter 14) Worthy elder of the Land of Fenny, Mr Woodruffe perished in the great fire which consumed the field as a result of Jupiter’s workings of evil power. He gave his life to save Audrey and Mr Nettle, and his sacrifice will be forever honoured.



6 thoughts on “Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Crystal Prison

  1. Gosh, it felt like there were a lot more deaths than this! Still, rest in peace to all those that fell.

    (…Was there a Book of the Dead for The Dark Portal? I seem to remember seeing it but I can’t find it anymore :0!)

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    • Hi Emmy,

      I’ve fiddled with the categorisation of the Dark Portal Book of the Dead, which wasn’t quite right. From now on, I’m happy to say that all these obituary posts (which are a spectacular job by Aufwader) will be collected under the Book of the Dead menu item.

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      • Thank you for fixing that, Matt, I meant to and then forgot. Thank you for your encouragement, too!

        I admit that these obituary posts have birthed their own Robiny side-character; an ancient, grizzled, and perpetually cantankerous bat named Vanth. Her task it is to greet the confused, recently-deceased souls who slip forlornly from the pages of Robin’s books, and deliver them into the care of whichever deity they are promised to. In her roost is a large and dusty tome, and on slow nights (which are few and far between) it is her wont to record the names of all those who have passed, be they hero, villain, or neither.

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  2. This is wonderful, just wonderful. That obituary for Madame Akkikuyu simply has to be my personal favorite. A heartbreaking summation of the tragedy of her life. The wisdom of the poignant plea to the fieldmice whose lives were touched by her for better or worse cannot possibly be overstated.

    Understanding, compassion, forgiveness. All three of these things are a gift beyond value, yet even the poorest of us can afford to give them freely.

    If anyone ever, ever lets you down then just remember them for what they did right and not for what they did wrong. That, right there, is the moral of the sad story that was Madame Akkikuyu’s life. And you put it so simply and beautifully.

    Another one that I particularly enjoyed was Mahooot’s. None will mourn the demise of the bottomless stomach with wings but his brutal death brought just as much harm to Fennywolde as his wicked life. He was rotten to the core but he shouldn’t have died in so evil a fashion.

    Third place goes to the last respects you paid Young Whortle. I saw what you did there. Very clever. Whortle’s Hope…let me just say that reading Book Two of The Deptford Mouselets will surely be an interesting experience when we get to it.

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