Just Released | The Devil’s Paintbox


And for those of you who haven’t already bought it yet, Mr Jarvis’ latest book, The Devil’s Paintbox, just came out. This is the second in his Witching Legacy series, set in modern-day Whitby.

I’m halfway through and enjoying it. Aufwader finished in January and is still quivering in a corner somewhere. (Her sentiments to me were ‘that hell book absolutely traumatised me’, which left me very curious as to what fiendish terrors lay in wait!)

Did I mention it’s beautifully illustrated as well? Get right on to it, people!


6 thoughts on “Just Released | The Devil’s Paintbox

  1. My copy is in the post yet.
    There are already online reviews at places like Amazon. One reviewer, wanting to look on the bright side regardless, sang the praises of the Good Witch, who was introduced (by name — I won’t spoil the name) in The Power of Dark, and rises dramatically to the challenges of The Devil’s Paintbox.
    So I will probably selective-read this one. I’m already thinking that the Whitby resident in the clutches of Mister Dark is utterly doomed and will be forced to endure a slow unspeakable decline; while the consequences from the paintbox sound dire indeed. So I will look to see what the Good Witch says and does, and kinda skim / page-flip through the rest. I know, I know, I’m a complete wuss.

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  2. Just skimmed through The Devil’s Paintbox, delivered in today’s mail.
    I’m with Aufwader on this one.
    Book One, The Power of Dark, piqued my interest because its time-traveling allowed us to see the beloved aufwaders again, before Whitby and the aufwaders had their moment of reckoning, which I know very well I must NOT spoil. The fact that there are no aufwaders in The Devil’s Paintbox is a disappointment. The plot is brutal. The mayhem is explicit. And the NEXT in the series has the word blood in the title. For them that likes it, well and good. For me it was stomach-turning.
    One little word I can’t resist repeating. I don’t think it will be a spoiler, although it is certainly a hint. It is the word I will hold on to, in order to justify putting myself through The Devil’s Paintbox.
    The word is: GANSEY.

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    • I commiserate with you on the horror of that ‘hell book’! It’s a very enjoyable read for a lot of reasons, but it’s absolute fiery torture for a lot of others. Congratulations on getting through it, even if it was only in a series of carefully-timed peeks. (And congratulations to Mr Jarvis for effectively traumatising your readers once again!)

      Frankly I can’t wait to see what the reread will be like for this. We’ve got over a year to go before we dive into that churning maelstrom of ghastliness, but I for one am already planning what to say.


  3. Oops. And I didn’t leave the word before hitting SEND.
    The word is:
    As in, Old Testament plagues in Egypt biblical. Vengeful Yahweh biblical.
    There are plot developments in a cycle we will get to en route, The Wyrd Museum series, which have a similar Wrath-of-an-Old-Testament-God biblical quality to them.


  4. “Time of Blood,” the sequel to “The Devil’s Paintbox,” is hot off the press. My advance order was delivered to my home yesterday.
    If you love your Whitby history, you will treasure “Time of Blood,” even though it is violent and suspenseful.
    “The Devil’s Paintbox” was unpleasant to me; “Time of Blood” pleased me much more. I found the climax outcome satisfying, much more so than in the earlier book.
    And I like where the ending of the book appears to be pointing.


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