Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Final Reckoning

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Final Reckoning are as follows:

MR KEMPE  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 5 – The Final Reckoning | Prologue) The first victim of the the undead spectre of Jupiter, Mr Kempe travels no more. He is settled at last in the Green, and will be missed by all who knew him.

PIERS  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning Chapter 4) Slain with twenty-two of his fellow Greenwich squirrels during the sacking of the Starwife’s chambers by the Unbeest, Piers was a loyal and devoted aide to the Handmaiden of Orion until the end. Speed to the Green.

THE MICE OF HOLEBORN: AGNES TRUMPER, CHARLIE COPPIT, ‘ENRY (THANE OF THE CITY), NED FIDGIT, FLO, EDNA, AND MANY UNNAMED  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning |  Chapter 8) May the Green bless and keep the innocent denizens of Holeborn, who were massacred by Morgan’s rat horde.  May they be forever remembered in our prayers to the Spirit of Life and Hope.

SMIFF  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 9) Born under the House of Mabb, this unlucky wretch was slain by his own brethren and was made to answer to the Lord of the Pit in the name of Bauchan. He now endures in the barren wastes of the Lady of Nightmare.

KELLY  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 9) Kelly met the same fate as his comrade, Smiff. However, as he was born in the House of Hobb, Kelly remained in the thrall of the Lord of the Pit after he and Smiff had conveyed Bauchan’s report. He has become acquainted with Skinner and Smiler, and the three of them are quite content as minor demons of the Unlit Regions.

THE RAT HORDE OF OLD STUMPY [INCLUDING: VINNY THE STANDARD BEARER]  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 3 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 9) These bloodthirsty raiders and killers suffered the agony of enslavement to the Unbeest before they were permitted to return to the Three. Never having been rats of Deptford, they were not entirely lost to Jupiter, and thus they are welcomed before the Unholy Thrones.

MARTY  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 8) Another innocent who fell victim to the claws of Morgan’s horde, this poor mouse was peeled before he could warn the Holeborners of the rats’ impending attack. He was mourned by Piccadilly in Chapter 10, and is mercifully gone to the Green.

MORGAN [OF CORNWALL]  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 1 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 10) Lieutenant and left claw of the Lord of All, he was unintentionally flung from his master’s altar and drowned during Jupiter’s defeat in The Dark Portal, but that was not the end for this wily old sinner. Surviving the Unbeest’s transmutation of his rat horde and the vengeance of his nemesis, Piccadilly, Morgan realised at the last that the Unbeest would not favour him forever. After a lifetime of suffering, he took his own life, freeing himself from the thrall of Jupiter and fulfilling the curse laid upon him in his youth.

PICCADILLY [OF HOLEBORN]  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 1 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 10) This flawed but valiant city orphan was the first victim of the wraiths of the Unbeest. Cut down before his time, he will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him, but especially by the new Starwife (née, Audrey Scuttle) who cherishes his memory to this day.

THE STARWIFE [NÉE: AUDREY]  (The Crystal Prison | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 11) After uncounted centuries of devoted service to the Green and to her people, the Handmaiden of Orion, last of the black squirrels, perished in accordance with her own wishes at the claw of the Midwinter Death. Orion shines for her.

OSWALD CHITTER [POSTHUMOUSLY: ‘THE MIGHTY’]  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 13) This young hero sacrificed his life to bring ruin to the Unbeest, and although his attempt was in vain, Oswald shall forever be remembered as one of the bravest mice who ever lived. Too young to wear a brass in life, he was posthumously awarded the Sign of Bravery and Courage by the Green himself, and his parents cherish it as a treasured memorial.

HATHKIN  (The Final Reckoning | Chapter 13 – The Final Reckoning Chapter 14) This valiant moon rider’s renown is equal to the honoured companions of Oswald, Orfeo and Eldritch. Hathkin it was who saved Audrey from death in the cold upon the Day of Deliverance, and aided her in her last struggle to face the Unbeest at the height of his power. Though he gave his life in the attempt, Hathkin’s name will be sung by all his kind upon the anniversary of that terrible day, and his place is set high in the sight of the Heavenly Lady.

ALGY COLTFOOT  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 14) A brave victim of the battle with the wraiths of the Unbeest aboard the Cutty Sark, this simple but stalwart mouse will be mourned by all who knew him. May the Green receive his spirit.

MASTER OLDNOSE  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 2 – The Final Reckoning | Chapter 14) Mousebrass maker and tutor of the Skirtings, Master Oldnose was another who perished during the battle of the Cutty Sark. Honourable and upstanding to the end, he died protecting his fellow mice, and he will be fondly remembered by the whole community.

JUPITER  [SELF-TITLED ‘LORD OF ALL’]  In life, also referred to as the God of the Rats, the Prince of the Dying, the Lord of the Rotting Darkness, etcetera. In death, spoken of as the Unbeest. Self-titled ‘Lord of Death’, ‘Genius of the Black Winter’, etcetera.  (The Dark Portal | Chapter 1 –The Final Reckoning | Chapter 14)  Vanquished threefold by water deep, fire blazing, and the power of the Green wielded by Audrey Scuttle on the Day of Deliverance, the Unbeest’s outcast spirit shall be forever tormented by the flames of life. By the will of the Green he is condemned to an eternity of suffering in the bleak void. May his terrible legacy fade with time.


One thought on “Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Final Reckoning

  1. Good old Algy. Enjoy all the non-cabbage-soup types of food you care for now that you’ve gone on to join all the brave mice who went before you. Isn’t it funny, how the death of a minor mouse like him leaves an impact on me? Not even those funny side characters we’d been taking for granted were spared from Jupiter’s evil.

    Characters like Master Oldnose. You know what WAS larger than his opinion of himself? The selfless courage he showed in protecting Gwen and Arabel from the wraiths! As befits The Green Mouse’s representative in their community! Did he have an apprentice? I wonder who will make mousebrasses for the mice of the Cutty Sark now that he has gone on…

    You have to feel sorry for Arthur whose friends are all gone now. Piccadilly and Oswald lost their lives in the battle with Jupiter, Twit is far away in a place we know he will never return to. And now that she has taken up the silver acorn, his sister will be leaving the community to go live in Greenwhich permanently. The plump mouse must be feeling pretty lonely in the wake of The Final Reckoning.

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