As a reminder, in just a couple of weeks we’ll be switching gears to Book 1 of the awesome Deptford Histories trilogy! (I can just sense that all our enthusiastic commenters out there on the Mice trilogy can’t wait to sink their teeth into these back-stories!)

The Alchymist’s Cat tells the origin story of the original and (arguably) greatest Robin Jarvis villain of all time, Jupiter! Set in London in the 1600s, with a mixture of human and animal characters, this story has absolutely everything: heroes, villains, charlatans, cats, rats, magic, ghosts, the Black Plague, the Great Fire. Everything.

And unlike a certain sci-fi trilogy that attempted three ‘prequel’ films to set up its iconic villain (only to annoy nearly every fan out there), in just one book, Robin Jarvis hits it out of the park. There aren’t many villain-origin stories that work as well as this one, and I can’t wait to read it all with you.

Okay, a word on editions, as always. Sadly, this book still remains out of print, so you will have to go hunting for a second-hand edition. It does mean, however, that you get a choice of some good ones.


The original illustrated version. I love this cover and the illustrations inside are brilliant.


Also featuring the illustrations are the silver editions, which will line up to give you a great image across the side if you collect all three.


As a final note for our readers in the US: the American publishers of this book have seen fit to change the archaic spelling of the title to The Alchemist’s Cat, but please be assured that the text is the same. 

Whichever version you go for, do get it quick, because it’s going to be an awesome read, starting in May!