Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Whitby Witches

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Whitby Witches are as follows: 

ABE SHRIMP  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 5) Beloved husband, father to Nelda. Abe was murdered by his brother, Silas Gull, who attempted to defer the blame for his evil deed by swapping Abe’s gansey with his own. The tribe now knows the truth, and condemns Silas for his villainy.

MRS PRUDENCE JOYSTER  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 1 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 6) The first victim of Roslyn Crozier/Rowena Cooper’s sinister arts, Prudence will be fondly remembered by the Whitby community. May she rest in peace.

MRS BANBURY-SCOTT [‘DORA’]  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 4 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 9) Mrs Cooper’s next victim. Already in poor health, Mrs Banbury-Scott was finished off by the poisoned chocolates Mrs Cooper continually gifted her. Despite her overbearing personality, Mrs Banbury-Scott is remembered affectionately by her friends, and for her philanthropy.

MISS MATILDA ‘TILLY’ DROON   (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 2 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 10) Mrs Cooper’s third victim, she was lured to her death after she discovered the truth about Rowena. In life, Miss Droon’s greatest love was her many cats. A gentle, compassionate lady, she will be missed by all who knew her.

SISTER BRIDGET [FORMERLY ESKA, DAUGHTER OF OONA]  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 9 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 13) The result of a human-aufwader union, Sister Bridget was entrusted to the Convent of St Mary by her mother some time in the early 18th Century. For several hundred years she endured an existence of relentless internal pain and doubt, before giving her life in the search for the moonkelp. In accordance with her destiny she was claimed by the Lords of the Deep and Dark, and now sleeps beneath the waves.

SILAS GULL  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 8 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 13)  Dragged to his death by Sister Bridget, Silas’ name is cursed for his cruelty. Murderer of Abe Shrimp and accomplice of Roslyn Crozier, he lived and died without honour.

HESPER GULL  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 5 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 14) Aunt to Nelda, Hesper was unhappy in her marriage to Silas and did not mourn his passing. She was slain during the battle with Roslyn Crozier; the power of Hilda’s staff is responsible for both her demise and the return of her body to her own time. Partially outcast by the tribe for her fixation on the legendary moonkelp, Hesper was nevertheless loved by Nelda  and Tarr Shrimp, and by Ben. Deeps keep and bless her.

ROSLYN CROZIER [ROWENA COOPER]  (The Whitby Witches | Chapter 6 – The Whitby Witches | Chapter 14) Infamous witch, wife of Nathaniel Crozier and serial murderess. In the guise of a malevolent black hound, she stalked the streets of Whitby as the Barguest. In this form was she eventually defeated and her designs toppled to ruin. Where her iniquitous spirit wanders, no one can say.

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