Up Next Reminder| A Warlock in Whitby



Salutations all, Aufwader here! Matt has tasked me with writing this Up Next post, so here goes.

In a couple of weeks we’ll be returning to ol’ Whitby bay for the next instalment of the Whitby Witches Trilogy. In this ghoulish middle book, we catch up with Ben, Jennet, and Aunt Alice to find out what has become of the last tribe of aufwaders following the loss of the moonkelp and the downfall of Rowena Cooper.

We’ll meet one of the most infamous Robin Jarvis villains to ever breathe the salty seaside air, and witness the rebirth of some of that master model-maker’s most grotesque and bloodthirsty horrors. Be warned, good Readers, there is no room for cream cakes and murder mysteries in this stark and fearful sequel. We have passed the shallows, and the black deeps now beckon.

If all this makes you gurgle squamously with anticipation, look for the illustrated first edition, pictured above, or the Hodder Silver version, below.




One thought on “Up Next Reminder| A Warlock in Whitby

  1. This book is possibly my favourite of the books with just how unrepentantly…*nasty* it was. Granted I think thats a Jarvis thing in general – he seems to love the ‘trilogy’ model and so, as the rule goes, makes the middle part the darkest (Crystal Prison, and Freax & Rejex were also darkest of their trilogies)

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