Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Alchymist’s Cat

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater good of the story.

The deceased of The Alchymist’s Cat are as follows: 

HARRY   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Prologue) Brave London rat and victim of Imelza’s jaws, now gone to Hobb.

THE GODWIN FAMILY [DANIEL AND SARAH GODWIN, AND THEIR DAUGHTERS, BETH AND ANNE]    (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 1)  The Godwins were sadly taken to the Lord in an epidemic of the smallpox, leaving only Master William Godwin to inherit the family estate. They will be sorely missed by Will and by all who knew them.

MR JOHN BALKER   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 1 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 2) Brother to Hannah and father to Margaret, Mr Balker was miller of Adcombe and a trusted friend of Daniel Godwin. On arriving in London he was murdered by Jack Carver, who was himself in the pay of Doctor Spittle.  Mr Balker now rests in peace.

SIR FRANCIS LINGLEY   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 5 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 9) This disgraced nobleman took his own life following his humiliation at Court, orchestrated by Spittle. May God receive his soul.

MR AND MRS GOBTROT   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 5 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 9) Owners of the raghouse in which Magnus Zachaire’s belongings were deposited following his death. A kindly couple, the Gobtrots were among the first victims of the Black Death. They passed away peacefully together.

IMELZA  [CONSORT OF IMP AND MOTHER TO JUPITER, DAB, AND LEECH]   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Prologue – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 9)  Proud hunter and queen among felidae, Imelza was slain by a mob of human attackers when she attempted to escape captivity. Though she now walks in darkness, her legacy endures.

HELIODORUS  (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 5 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 10)  An intrepid sea-rat  who ended his days as a victim of Magnus Zachaire’s machinations, Heliodorus beheld the Lord Hobb at the hour of his death. Having undertaken many acts of perfidy and valour throughout his life (the details of which unfortunately died with him) he descended unto the Pit with considerable honour.

JACK CARVER  (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 2 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 11) Murderer of Mr Balker, aided and abetted by Jessel, Carver was taken by the plague before he could sign his confession. He died in penitence and with a chance of deliverance. May he be forgiven his sins in the next world.

DAB  (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 4 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 11)  Only daughter of Imelza, sister to Jupiter and Leech. Dab spent her whole life in captivity before being callously put to death by Spittle, supposedly in aid of science. She is remembered mostly for her kind nature and tolerance of her brothers.

DOCTOR ELIAS THEOPHRASTUS SPITTLE [FORMERLY, SAMUEL GODWIN]   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 2 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 14)  Apothecary by necessity and alchemist by calling, Spittle’s life’s work was the search for the Philosopher’s Stone and the pursuit of power through the occult arts. He was wise in the ways of both illusion and genuine sorcery, but lacked the impetus to use his skill and learning for good, choosing instead to bend his considerable gifts in the direction of necromancy and other forbidden magics. He was brought low by the Black Death, but, due to the intervention of his familiar, was delivered from the plague and made immortal. Spittle’s ruin came in the form of the reanimate mage, Magnus Zachaire, who succeeded in delivering him unto torment everlasting in Hell.

MAGNUS ZACHAIRE  (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 14)  Alchemist and renowned mage of the Elizabethan era, Zachaire achieved much before inciting the superstition of the populace and being executed by mob rule. His soul was imprisoned by Spittle, a cruelty for which he was revenged by the resurrection of his corporeal body. At the last he chose to return to the oblivion of death, and his name was obscured by time.

JUPITER [SCION OF IMP, PROPHESIED LORD OF ALL]   (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 4 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 14)  So named by Doctor Spittle, Jupiter was the alchemist’s familiar and eventually surpassed him in might. He would have ascended unto divinity were it not for the treachery of his brother, Leech. Usurped,  Jupiter joined his mother and sister in death, divested of his title and the glory promised him.

MOTHER MYRTLE  (The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 11 – The Alchymist’s Cat | Chapter 14)  This kindly matron served the Southwarke Mission all her life, and passed away peacefully at a great age. She contracted the plague soon after opening the doors of the mission to those afflicted, but was miraculously sustained for many months in order to care for the beleaguered victims. May God rest her weary soul.

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