Up Next Reminder | The Oaken Throne


Readers of Myth & Sacrifice, welcome! Today we herald the unfurling of one of our most beloved legends, for next month, we will be reading The Oaken Throne.

In this, the second book of the Deptford Histories, we roll back the ages and witness the bat-squirrel wars at their grim and terrible height. Into this maelstrom arrive the forlorn Lady Ysabelle, a squirrel maiden with an awful fate clutched in her small paws, and Vespertilio, a batling squire eager for glory but too young to enter the fray.

Together, this unlikely pair will embark upon a bleak and desperate quest to the land of Greenreach, finding fair and foul along the way. Through gorse and bramble will they flee, unto the wild dark wood and into the red maw of ancient, blood-soaked nightmare.

Take up your silver acorns and light your Hobb lanterns, and avail yourselves of the above first edition copy, or any of the following:

The 2002 Hodder Silver (full original illustrations)
The 2005 US edition by Chronicle Books with cover by Leonid Gore (without illustrations)
The 2007 Hodder reprint (sadly also without illustrations, but perhaps the easiest to come by as it may still be available new in some bookshops)

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