Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | A Warlock in Whitby

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of A Warlock in Whitby are as follows: 

MR ROPER  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 5 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 9)  Hereditary protector of one of the ancient guardians fettering Morgawrus in eternal sleep, Mr Roper was a kindly old gentleman who was tortured and finally murdered by Nathaniel Crozier in Crozier’s pursuit of the guardians. Mr Roper showed great courage in the face of his demise, and has now joined his beloved wife, Margaret. May he rest in peace.

DANNY TURNER  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 2 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 11)  This wayward troublemaker was viciously slain by the last of the Mallykin race. Coming from an abusive home, he never had the chance to escape his upbringing or make something of himself. He will be remembered by his family and friends.

MRS PATRICIA GUNNING  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 6 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 11)  A powerful white witch, Patricia was used as a lure to draw Alice Boston away from Whitby at a time when she might have been most needed. According to the designs of the warlock Crozier, Judith Deacon, Mrs Gunning’s private nurse and devotee of the cult of the Black Sceptre, poisoned her patient slowly to death. Patricia died warning Miss Boston of Deacon’s deceit, and will be fondly remembered by all who knew her.

PRAWNY NUSK  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 3 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 13) Courageous aufwader and trusted friend of Tarr Shrimp, Mr Nusk perished at the fell claws of the Mallykin. He will be missed by all the tribe.

BACCY  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 10 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 13)  Another brave member of the aufwader tribe who fell to the Mallykin. Deeps keep her.

JOHAB  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 3 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 13)  Elder of the tribe, Johab did not approve of Esau’s action despite being at his right hand. Stalwart and fearless to the end, he died facing the Mallykin.

ESAU GRENDEL  (The Whitby Witches | Ch 12 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 13) Elder and leader of the tribe, Esau lived for eight hundred years before the Mallykin and his own warped lust for power caught up with him. During the rise of Morgawrus, he was buried beneath the cliff within which he spent his years, and only the Deep Ones know what became of his wretched soul.

THE LAST MALLYKIN  (A Warlock in Whitby | Prologue – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 13) This bloodthirsty fish demon was brought forth by Nathaniel Crozier to do his despicable bidding, and many souls fell to its razoring claws. It was crushed to death during the awakening of Morgawrus – a deserved fate after the suffering it brought to the world.

JUDITH DEACON  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 6 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 14) Devotee of Nathaniel Crozier, werewitch and murderess, Ms Deacon was accidentally killed by Mrs Gunning’s butler when he attempted to defend Miss Boston from Ms Deacon’s attack. She is also guilty of the murder of Mrs Gunning by slow poisoning, and perhaps other undocumented crimes carried out on Crozier’s behalf.

NATHANIEL CROZIER [‘HIGH PRIEST OF THE BLACK SCEPTRE’]   (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 1 – A Warlock in Whitby | Ch 14)  Warlock, cult leader, and so-called ‘most evil man in the world’, Crozier was responsible for countless despicable crimes, including infanticide and other murders. His desire to bind the serpent Morgawrus to his dark will was thwarted by Alice Boston and the guardian wrought by Irl. Crozier’s body was calcified by the breath of Morgawrus, and his end was ignoble and agonising.

MORGAWRUS  (A Warlock in Whitby | Ch14)  Fiend of the deep oceans, this abomination of nature was raised from slumber by Nathaniel Crozier, and returned to its fetters by Alice Boston. Long may it sleep beneath the waves of Whitby bay.

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