Up Next Reminder | The Whitby Child


We quickly interrupt our epic quest through the forests to remind you that you’ll want to pick up a copy of The Whitby Child for next month’s read-along. They’ve defeated witches, werewolves, warlocks, and massive serpents (which sadly don’t lend themselves to alliteration like the first three) but the end of Book 2 left us with a pregnant Nelda, a wheelchair-bound Miss Boston and a somewhat traumatised Ben and Jennet.

Can the curse of the Deeps be lifted once more? Will Miss Boston recover? What on earth could possibly hit Whitby worse than the apocalyptic disasters of the last two books?You’ll just have to join us and find out!

There are two main editions of this one, the original one (pictured above) or the silver-spine edition below, both of which feature Robin’s classic illustrations. Sadly, both are out-of-print but well worth tracking down.


The Hodder Silver edition from 2001



3 thoughts on “Up Next Reminder | The Whitby Child

  1. The Whitby Child is the book that — in this series — most reminds me of George MacDonald, which is intended as high praise.


  2. I’ve only read one George MacDonald and he seems like off in quite a different field, so I’d be fascinated to know how you drew the connection!


  3. So as not to spoil, I have to be indirect, Matt.
    I am thinking of Nelda who is pressed to take a certain decision; the decision she takes is not the easy one, but the morally wholesome one. Against all odds, she does the right thing, although it means that she voluntarily sacrifices her own life to see it through. George MacDonald would have been delighted. Have you read his Princess and the Goblins or Princess and Curdie? They were intended for the same age group as Jarvis’s work.


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