Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Whitby Child

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Whitby Child are as follows: 

SUSANNAH O’DONNELL  (The Whitby Child | Ch 4) This ill-fated lady lost her happiness and family wealth to Nathaniel Crozier’s perfidy. After his death, however, she was strong enough to resist the chains of his memory, but was killed at the decree of her coven sisters for defecting during the attempted assassination of Ben. She was consumed by the fiend of the deep whom the Triad had raised high, and now sleeps in the void.

THE FISHMONKEY [SERVANT OF THE LORD OF THE FROZEN WASTES]   (The Whitby Child | Ch 4 – The Whitby Child | Ch 13) An unholy and misbegotten relic imbued with evil life, this vile creature was responsible for machinating all of the Coven of the Black Sceptre’s attempts to murder Ben. Misleading the witches, it was carrying out the will of its true master, the Lord of the Frozen Wastes. In his arrogance upon the night of his rebirth, Crozier dispatched the abomination to meet its Lord. May its like never regain physical form.

MIRIAM GOWER  (The Whitby Child | Ch 4 – The Whitby Child | Ch 7) Faithful member of the Coven of the Black Sceptre, Miriam was consumed by the waves in her attempt to lure Ben to his death. It is unknown whether she was liberated from Crozier’s stranglehold in the next life.

ELIZABETH [‘LIZ’]  (The Whitby Child | Ch 7 – The Whitby Child Ch 12) Originally a withdrawn and unremarkable member of Crozier’s coven, Liz proved her devotion to her master in her attack upon Miss Boston on the night of Crozier’s resurrection.  In that altercation she was unfortunately slain – a needless waste of life.

PEAR  [PERSEPHONE CROZIER]   (The Whitby Child | Ch 7 – The Whitby Child Ch 13) Lively and precocious, Pear defied her upbringing in her father’s vile coven to protect her first and only friend, Jennet. Tragically, Pear was accidentally killed in werehound form by her own mother. She is remembered by the Laurenson family and by Meta, whose guilt will never leave her despite her eventual liberation from Crozier’s thrall.

NATHANIEL CROZIER [HIGH PRIEST OF THE BLACK SCEPTRE, DEFIER OF THE TRIAD]   (The Whitby Child | Ch 14)  After his demise at the rising of Morgawrus, Crozier’s coven contrived to parlay with the Lord of the Frozen Wastes to have their master be returned to them on the living plane. The terms of this insidious bargain were that the coven dispose of Ben, and so of the threat he posed to the Triad. Believing this task achieved, the Lord of the Frozen Wastes consented to return Crozier to his brides, and so the warlock was briefly reborn. However, his former high priestess, Roslyn, was also granted time among the living, which she used to consume Crozier’s regenerate body, sealing their bond forever by devouring him – condemning them both to a tortured existence in Rowena’s new, Triad-given form.

THE LORD OF THE FROZEN WASTES   This tyrant of the oceans was revealed in His deceit and cast out by His brothers. A being of the primordial void, He cannot die, and is thus doomed to eternal torment in reward for His malice.

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