Thomas | Chapter 12


As a pale, crouching phantom he appeared; a colourless, shrunken spectre that patiently sat through the endless passage of time, growing old with the mountain and wasting with the world.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Holy One? More like Wily One. That decrepit loris has more tricks up his figurative sleeve than the Starwife and Simoon combined. Even I wouldn’t trust him as far as he could walk without a stick, and as it is heavily implied, it should be the likes of me doing the trusting. The ol’ Sadhu seems to have heard a call other than the Green’s, if that little scene with Jophet is anything to go by.

Speaking of the Green, I was highly disgruntled to reread the part where Woodget has his little holy vision and discover that a certain theory I came up with during The Crystal Prison has been scuppered. After some thought, however, I decided that it could be amended rather than discarded completely, but I’ll talk about it when we’re finished this book because I don’t want to be peeled for spoiling twice in as many days.


Matt’s Thoughts: Phenomenal chapter. I think the Holy One is possibly my favourite of the Jarvis ‘wise’ characters so far. (Except maybe the Starwife, who will always be all-round awesome; but then she has a much bigger role and we know a lot more about her.)

How did a loris come to spend his time meditating up in the top of a massive statue? Again, so much mythology, so little back story!

Jophet is an interesting character. To be honest, I had forgotten about him, because he seemed more of a ‘red herring’ to take our focus off the sinister nature of Dimlon. But clearly he has his own sinister part to play in the proceedings as well. I am looking forward to how that one plays out.

And as for the scene with Woodget and the Green – well, that’s just another case of making the oncoming tragedy more poignant, isn’t it? By which I mean, it worked perfectly on me and I’m getting that feeling of oncoming dread.

2 thoughts on “Thomas | Chapter 12

  1. Much like that of the Starwife, the august office of the Holy One fascinates me (though admittedly not as much as the former. They really are very similar; both generally live about 300 years, are revered, and many turn to them for wisdom. Though he is not at all the spitfire the Starwife is, the sadhu is shown to have a bit of a short temper as well. As I said before, I like to think that the Holy One and the Starwife are close comrades who enjoy the odd long-distance chat with each other. It would be awesome to see them having to team up and use their combined wisdom to bring down a foe.

    As Ysabelle did in the previous book, Woodget has a late night conversation with the Green. Though the book is named after Thomas and serves as his backstory, I’ve always gotten the sense that Woodget is actually the main protagonist here. He’s the one to whom the ninth fragment was entrusted to and the Green appears to him. You can just tell that he has an important future ahead of him… though he won’t be making it home to Betony Bank.

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    • I really like the idea that the Sadhu and the Starwife are acquainted. Plus, it may be canon, as isn’t the Starwife a member of the Green Council like Simoon? With the Holy One sitting at the head of that order, he and the Starwife must have met at some point. Makes me wonder who the other present-day Council members might be.

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