Thomas | Chapter 16


‘Too long has His Dark Majesty been banished from the waking world. Too long have our enemies denied us the means for His deliverance. But now the hour is upon us. Sarpedon will rear amongst us again – the eternal night has come at last!’

Aufwader’s Thought’s: Mighty Sarpedon, Lord of the Star-bright Heavens, I dedicate my half of this post to You. Many times have I, a humble disciple, traversed the slightly faded pages of my Hodder Silver edition in pilgrimage to Your temple, and many times have I read in tearful devotion the chronicle of Your glorious return, and the tragedy of Your downfall at the hands of two accursed unpledged mice and a has-been jerboa.

Would that this, the final instalment of the Deptford Histories in which You play such a vital role, had ended differently. Would that the efforts of the Green Council had been in vain, and You returned to the world in complete and holy magnificence, heralded by Your High Priest and all of Your beloved subjects. Much would I have given to witness that most longed-for and blessed occasion, though I be squashed at the back with a sozzled lemur’s elbow in my face and a pillar blocking half the view. Happily would I have shed my mortality with everyone else and ascended unto lizardy perfection.

Alas, that is not how the tale ends, and this devout Scalian must remain cold-blooded in spirit only. Though Your subjects be shunned and the Black Temple cast down, as long as there are readers to fear You, the poisonous flame of Your reign can never be extinguished.

Besides, as this project has seen, lesser beings than You have unlocked the gates of death to trouble once more the unhappy land, and we all know that has-been jerboas aren’t always right about everything. I believe in You, O Sovereign of Darkness, and will go on telling all these unpledged heathens about you until one of them takes pity and peels me to shut me up.


Matt’s Thought’s: Obviously, the finale with Sarpedon has all the great twists and turns – he’s coming back, then it’s a bad egg (love that twist!), then he’s a giant statue, then the High Priest is still alive. It’s just relentless. (I also love that Sarpedon is defeated by Thomas’ nautical skills, which is an awesome finale to the piece.)

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