Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | Thomas

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of Thomas are as follows: 

ABLE RUDDAWAY  (Thomas | Ch 3 – Thomas | Ch 4) Bosun of the Calliope for many long years, Mr Ruddaway was murdered in cold blood upon the deck of his own ship. He will be missed by all who came to know him over the course of his long, seafaring life.

THE PASSENGERS AND CREW OF THE CALLIOPE  (Thomas | Ch 3 – Thomas | Ch 7) The Calliope was wrecked off the coast of Crete following its embroilment in the unnatural storms of the Kaliya, the ship of the Scale. Although the human crew were able to abandon ship before the catastrophe, the secondary crew and passengers were less fortunate. Of the many creatures who boarded that ship with hopes of a new future ahead, only a very few set eyes upon land again.

THE SHRINE MAIDENS OF VIRBIUS  (Thomas | Ch 8) These eleven unfortunate tenders of the shrine beneath the White Mountains were cruelly put to death by the hordes of the Scale when they arrived to reclaim the seventh fragment. Though the bodies of the maidens were treated with contempt by their murderers, each was later laid to rest by the crew of the Chandi. Blessed are they who guarded the Green’s birthplace which such devotion, may they find peace in His embrace.

NELTEMI  (Thomas | Ch 8) The last of the Twelve Maidens, Neltemi sacrificed herself so that the ninth fragment might be kept from the clutches of the adept Dahrem Ruhar, and so from the Scale. Having escaped the fate of her sisters by chance, she alone among them tragically fell victim to the lethal blood of the Serpent; only recently has nature reclaimed the place below the shrine, where she died.

MULLIGAN  (Thomas | Ch 2 – Thomas | Ch 9) Mulligan, son of Padriac, was the final custodian of the ninth fragment, and bravely did he do his duty though it cost him more than any creature should have had to give. Though he died in obscurity his memory will be forever honoured in Hara and by the Green Council. May he voyage on fairer shores than those which the world gave him.

THE SADHU OF HARA  (Thomas | 12 – Thomas | Ch 13) For many ages did this loris live in communion with the Green and with His Council, and when at last the time came for him to relinquish his mortal life he did so gladly. As a result of the decisions he made regarding the ultimate defeat of Gorscarrigern, this Sadhu is not remembered fondly by the people of his city; though the intervention of Jophet the rat prevented all trace of him being erased from Haran history.

THE CITIZENS OF HARA  (Thomas | Ch 11 – Thomas | Ch 13) On the night of the siege of Hara many brave and loyal folk of the city lost their lives. Thanks to the quick actions of Sobhan Giri, many  Haran children were saved, but there was not a family unaffected by the slaughter, and the Green’s stronghold was never the same.

LIEUTENANT KARIM BIHARI  (Thomas | Ch 9 – Thomas | Ch 13) First mate of the Chandi under Captain Chattan, Karim gave his life in the saving of his fair city. A glorious warrior’s death was his, and in the Green hereafter is his place set high.

CAPTAIN CHATTAN GIRI  (Thomas | Ch 9 – Thomas | Ch 14) Most valiant mongoose and Haran warrior, Chattan finally fell to the black blood of the Dark Despoiler in a duel to the death with Dahrem Ruhar. Steadfast was the Captain in his faith in the Green and his love for his city, and great  were the honours bestowed upon him after death.

DAHREM RUHAR  (Thomas  | Ch 2 – Thomas | Ch 14) Master of artifice and brightest star among all Sarpedon’s adepts, Dahrem restored the eighth fragment into the keeping of the Scale. A faithful devotee of Suruth Scarophion even in death, he ascended unto the Serpent’s Court in the heavens and his name is lauded among the most high in the Eye of Sarpedon the Mighty.

THE LORD SURUTH SCAROPHION [SARPEDON; THE DARK DESPOILER, SOVREIGN OF SERPENTS AND FIRSTBORN OF ALL THE GODS. KNOWN IN HARA AS GORSCARRIGERN; THE COILED ONE]   (Thomas | Ch 16) Once the most feared and exalted power ever to wear earthly raiment, the Black Sovereign ruled in might and majesty from the dawn of the world. Though His designs were ever impeded by the usurping Green, many of the faithful did Sarpedon gather into His coils and ever did His cult thrive. Long did His beloved subjects toil to return Him to the living plane, and though the Green Council sought to ruin the ninth fragment and destroy the final hope of the Scale, they did not succeed. Most highly honoured should be the claws of the Serpent’s disciples, for it was due to their devotion that their Lord was able to claim His idol as a place of refuge. Though He was cast into the mansions of Death, He watches over His followers still, and in recent times the nine stars have been seen to shine over the place where the Black Temple once stood.

THE HIGH PRIEST OF THE SCALE  (Thomas | Ch 7 – Thomas | Ch 16) He who retrieved the holy fragments shall forever be remembered as the last High One ever to grace the Black Temple. Great was his triumph and bitter his defeat, and through it all he bore no name that might be recorded here. The shadows of every High Priest before him did rest upon his shoulders, and from his ordination until the time of his death not a word did he speak nor deed commit that was not for the glory of Sarpedon the Mighty. Siierhet vartani vrei. 

WOODGET PIPPLE  (Thomas | Ch 1 – Thomas | ‘Journey’s End’)  Drowned by the artifice of Mother Lotus and rescued from the brink of death by Zenna the sea maiden, Woodget lives still as the new Sadhu of Hara. However, as he retains no memory of who he once was and is sundered forever from all those he held dear, this knowledge will never reach Thomas, the once to whom it would mean the most.


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