Illustration Nominations | Thomas

Aufwader’s Pick: 

The Betrayal of Hara (c) Robin Jarvis, 1995

I think this is probably my favourite Robin Jarvis illustration ever. I like it so much that I have a print of it framed on my wall. Everything about it is so cinematic and evocative, but I don’t need to say that, it’s loudly apparent in every pen-stroke. Every time I see it, it inspires me to improve my own artwork and challenge myself, and maybe talon a few Harans in the name of the Dark Despoiler.

one o the boys
The Black Temple (c) Robin Jarvis, 1995

Predictable? Yes. But honestly aren’t Sarpy and His High Priest photogenic together? Look at them and just try to stop your heart melting in a puddle of black goo.


Matt’s Pick: 


Simoon (c) Robin Jarvis, 1995

Many of the illustrations in this book are stunning, but I think I’m going to have to spring for the two most ‘spiritual’ characters. First up, Simoon, who I feel is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Javis world. You underestimate him at first, but he has a lot more power up his sleeve than you at first realise. (And also, like Obi-Wan, he was a survivor of a great massacre.) The swirling abstract pattern repeated on the rug and in the background also lends him an extra air of mystery. 

The Holy One (c) Robin Jarvis, 1995

And I feel like the loris here is the Yoda of the piece, but that’s not quite fair – he’s never a figure of comedy, and is much more haunted. I’m not even sure why I like this one, but there’s just something about his eyes and his mouth. Also the fact that his only possession is a key. There’s something so minimalist about it, that it makes you realise how much of ordinary life he has given up in order to guard the fragment for Hara.


2 thoughts on “Illustration Nominations | Thomas

  1. Here are my three picks…

    Aboard the Calliope: In spite of the circumstances and the despair of being trapped on a ship, the scene of Thomas gazing out across the water with the stars blazing overhead is so serenely beautiful. He looks quite handsome as well!

    Siren Songs: It’s an awkward moment as the plain-yet-still-lovely Zenna is called to the surface by her mocking sisters. I get Alison Sedge vibes from Halia here, as there is definitely enmity in her eyes as she glares at Zenna. What stands out most to me are the unique designs for the sirens; it’s such a cool touch that they have “fin” ears instead of standard round mouse ears.

    At the Shrine of Virbius: There is such a sense of drama in this scene, with the smoking ruin of the Shrine of Virbius in the background as Mulligan tries to comfort a despairing Neltemi. It’s interesting to see a Grecian mouse – she makes me think of one of the Vestal Virgins (though they were Roman). Actually the whole concept of the Shrine of Virbius and its maiden caretakers reminds me of that.

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    • I’ve always loved the sea maidens’ unusual ears. I think their hearing must be different to that of our ‘clay-dwelling’ characters, and I have to wonder what mysterious songs of the deep they might be privy to. It’s already confirmed that Zenna has learnt from certain beings of the north, and I suppose the mermice must have their own language too.

      Also, I’m so glad that someone else thought of the Vestal Virgins when the Shrine of Virbius was mentioned, as I’ve been making that comparison for years. It’s doubly interesting because the Scale seem to work in reflection to the Green’s conceits – the Harans have the Chandi, the Scale have the Kaliya. The holy mountain in Hara is crowned with the Green’s bejewelled likeness, and the idol of Sarpedon mirrors that within the Black Temple island, which itself resembles a mountain.

      However, if the Scale have an equivalent to the maidens of Virbius, they are never mentioned. The adepts are a foil to the Green Council, and as far as I remember, don’t directly guard the fragments. Personally, I like to imagine that there /was/ a guild of fragment-guarding Scalian shieldmaidens, because I mean, what an image!


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