The Power of Dark | Chapter 4


He reached down and scraped more of the mud away. The revealed gold reflected the sunlight up into his eyes. Verne caught his breath and took the strange find in his hands. What could it be?

Aufwader’s Thoughts: There are some absolute gems in the dialogue between Lil and Verne as they walk along the beach, but my favourite has to be when Verne reassures Lil that he believes her when she says she didn’t steal Scaur Annie’s ‘manky head’, and then mutters that it’d be a cool thing to have. Bless.

Then there’s the nimius, or, as I like to call it, the result of somebody’s black-market deal with the Scale. Look at it, though. Nobody else in Robiny canon does gold filigree so fine. Even if whatever powers it holds are in no way Scale-related, the mark of the Serpent is on it, or I’m not a faithful forktail!


Matt’s Thoughts: Well, it turned out that Scaur Annie’s head was down at the local bookshop being guarded by some grim-looking fellow with a beard…  (It’s okay, we checked and there was no tweed jacket, so it’s not Nathaniel returned to town.) 

So that solves that mystery! But it leaves us with the mystery of the Nimius. What is it? What can it do? What’s inside it? What is it with Whitby and severed hands?

I wouldn’t mind having a Jack Potts costume but I wouldn’t have the patience to assemble the whole thing. Also, did anybody else get reminded of The Invention of Hugo Cabret by the automaton? Or is that just me?

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