The Power of Dark | Chapter 5


I  W-I-L-L  B-E  W-I-T-H  Y-O-U  S-O-O-N

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Tracy and friends are honestly so much fun to read. Their sullen posturing contrasted with the childlike glee they take in laughing at Lil and sniping at each other, reminds me strongly of the adolescent characters in the Dancing Jax trilogy. In those books we learned that Mr Jarvis can write teenagers extremely well, and this shows here to, albeit in far different context to the life-or-death trauma of Freax and Rejex and Fighting Pax.

I really like the mirroring we’ve had so far with Lil and Verne. Lil is head-butted by Scaur Annie and ends up in her mind, then Verne brings home the Nimius and lands in The Life and Times of Sir Melchior Pyke. It’s all leading up to something momentous, but in between, there’s Mister Dark to consider. Cut down from the gallows, eh? Revived by ‘electricus’ on the operating table of an alchymist and natural philosopher, eh? Frankly, I’m with Annie on that one. Pyke ought to have let sleeping evil lie.


Matt’s Thoughts: Another layer to the backstory. Quite enjoying the structural side of this one – flashes between both past and present, between West Cliff and East Cliff, Lil and Verne, Scaur Annie and Melchior Pyke.

This structure is no accident, of course – you may have noticed the two opposing cliff faces on the cover, so it all serves a purpose.

Rather like the old-but-never-tired trope of the spooky homemade ouija board. I think ever since Captain Howdy showed up to freak people out in the 70s, those scenes always freak people out. Well, they certainly give me the creeps. You couldn’t pay me to play with one of those things!

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