The Power of Dark | Chapter 6


‘Just one brief glance within,’ she told herself. ‘None shall ever know and I won’t never doubt him again.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: So all that promotional business with Nettie was a beastly swizz and the aufwaders only appear in flashbacks, hm? Hmm, Robin? Hmmmm? 

I wish I could feel swindled, but honestly the alternative was that there were some aufwaders who missed the boat at the end of The Whitby Child, which would rather dampen the mythic glory of their final departure in that finale. So thank you, Mr Jarvis, you did this story and your readers a good turn.

Speaking of the historic segments, goodness me but I wish Annie and Melchior would communicate like an actual couple. Would it have killed ol’ Melchy to just say something like ‘I wish I could tell thee but forsooth tis probably very dangerous and I would fain die rather than see harm come to a hair of thy fair head’ or something equally gallant, and left it at that? Not that Annie is any better, I mean – Nettie’s questionable advice aside –  she could’ve handled things more openly all together.

On a final note, who doesn’t love Catesby? What a devilish little abomination! Can I keep him?


Matt’s Thoughts: Clearly I’m not the only one who thought that picture of Scaur Annie’s head was freaky, given that Robin happily carts the replica around. But can you imagine it playing out on TV or in a movie? Eurghh ….

Also, I also have to throw in a vote for Catesby as one of my favourite Jarvis creations. I don’t know where he came up with the idea, but it’s just brilliant. I loved the idea of Catesby as a name for him just when he was a cat (‘because he was always lurking in the cellars, like that traitor with the gunpowder’). But when you add in bat wings as well? There’s just something quirky and great about it.

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