The Power of Dark | Chapter 10


And so the strangest school day he had ever known began.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Those of you who have read the Dancing Jax trilogy will be getting shivers of recognition as we awake with Verne into a world where everything is wrong and no one seems to notice. Robot butlers are fully functional, motorcycles can fly, and the spells of the new West Cliff goths actually work. The most disconcerting part about all of this, though, is when Verne himself turns against Lil and surrenders completely to the will of Melchior Pyke. What will become of our ‘spooky happenings duo’ now?

Matt’s Thoughts:  So here we have the whole East Cliff going steampunk, which is just brilliant. I think the whole thing speaks for itself, so I thought I might instead share my first introduction to steampunk – given that I don’t live in Whitby! –  which I came across several years ago. It’s a short animated Aussie film, which is an interesting mix of puppetry and CGI. (I feel like Mr Jarvis would appreciate this one.)



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