The Power of Dark | Chapter 11


‘Blood is the bridge! Blood is the price!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Cherry Cerise is living in Alice Boston’s house. I repeat, Cherry Cerise is living in Alice Boston’s house. Alice Boston’s house is now Cherry Cerise’s house  just as it was the house of every Whitby witch before her.

I don’t think it really hit me until the moment we find this out that this series actually takes place in the same world, in the same time-frame, as the original trilogy. I mean, we’re told about it, we’ve met the aufwaders and climbed the 199 steps and Cherry mentioned a sleeping serpent before, but this is the first time one of our young heroes has explicitly been told about Whitby’s very recent supernatural past. It brings home that it really hasn’t been that long since the rising of Morgawrus, the defeat of the Black Sceptre, or the coming of the Lords of the Deep and Dark. As the Witching Legacy, this series is aptly named.


Matt’s Thoughts: It’s so awesome to be back in what is clearly Alice Boston’s house – albeit with a different sense of decór. It provides another connection – along with the aufwaders – for that little bit of connection to the past.

 The colour thing is a new idea in the Jarvis canon – at least that I’ve read – but then again, he’s always been quite detailed about the colour schemes and glow of his magical forces, so why not have a colour witch?


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