The Power of Dark | Epilogue


‘Welcome to the sisterhood. Lilith Wilson, you’re a bona-fide witch.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: The thing I latched on to here was Cherry’s mention of the ‘guild of time witches’. There’s one instalment left to be published in this quartet, and if it doesn’t explain that in some way, I will be having words.

As for the rest of it – classic Robin Jarvis epilogue with the final twist snuck into the last couple of lines. Lil may be all right and Verne have the Nimius, but we’re only one book in, and soon our ‘spooky happenings duo’ will find themselves between the devil and the Deep Dark Triad.


Matt’s Thoughts: A great little teaser of an epilogue here – Lil can do magic, she’s somehow going to travel back in time, the Westie is a ghost, and the Nimius is still around. It’s a great setup for Book 2. Actually, especially the time-travel angle. While there has always been a lot of jumping between worlds in Jarvis stories, time travel is not something I’ve come across. (Unless it’s in Wyrd Museum? I’m still yet to read that one.) So seeing how that will play out – which always requires some clever plotting, will be awesome.

Anyway, this story has definitely put Whitby on the map again for me – if I ever get the chance to return to the UK again, I’d be very keen to stop by.

See you next month for The Devil’s Paintbox!



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