The Devil’s Paintbox | Triallum

devils paintbox

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Know this,’ the emissary warned. ‘Should you fail, there is no returning. You will suffer Their full wrath and endure torment – forever more.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: What immediately hits me about this prologue is how deeply Robin Jarvis it is. That might seem redundant, as of course all of this is Robin Jarvis, but that opening line is the voice of someone who has spent over two decades finding and perfecting a certain mood and style.

‘Indistinct shapes, blacker than the eternal night that reigned over this furthest region of the sea, guided the shadowy figure to the place appointed.’ 

Really, with an opener like that, you know you’re in for a grand time. Then we get a shadowy meeting in which an outcast doer of nefarious supernatural deeds comes into the presence of malevolent, godlike beings and so enters an unholy contract. What more could we possibly ask for?


Matt’s Thoughts: He seemed to be somewhat of a side character in the first book (despite having his name in the title) but Mr Dark has moved front and centre to be a new Jarvis villain for the modern day. Quite comfortable dealing with ancient forces on the one hand, while also handy with how to get to people via their smartphones …

I’m probably the last generation of teenagers that didn’t have a smartphone (and even  mobile phones in general only took off in my university years). So I read stories of the stalking and bullying and whatnot that happens nowadays – and I’m starting to worry about my own kids as they head into that age group! – but Mr Jarvis has taken the phenomena of our modern life and put his own supernatural spin on it with no trouble whatsoever. Great stuff!

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