Up Next Reminder | Time of Blood

the deptford mice almanack _0002

In keeping with the decision we made in October to tackle books 1 to 3 of The Witching Legacy as they were being published, here at Myth & Sacrifice we now present something hot off the presses, the most recent addition to Robin Jarvis canon, the one, the only, Time of Blood!

Zip into Whitby’s Victorian past with Lil as she pursues the nefarious Mister Dark and attempts to liberate Verne from his clutches. Marvel at a lost way of life interwoven with ancient magic and the powers of the almighty sea. Thrill to gruesome murders in shadowy places, wonder at figures of fame and renown, presented as you’ve never seen them, and tremble as our spooky happenings duo face their spookiest happenings yet.

Avail yourself of a luridly purple paperback here, and dress in your best. There’s an occasion like no other taking place down by the shore, and you’re all invited to attend.

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