The Devil’s Paintbox | Chapter 9


devils paintbox

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘It was I who made you, I who razored and sawed you open, spliced morsels of ape brain into your cloven skull and stitched flight to your back.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Guys I’m getting flashbacks to Will and Molly visiting the pest-house to try to get a confession from Carver. This time, however, the stakes are much higher. If things didn’t look plaguey enough before, they certainly do when Lil and Verne are surrounded by the sick and dying.

I really, genuinely hope that Cherry’s surmise was right and Cassandra is under some sort of sorcery-induced hypnotism, because the alternative is too awful to contemplate. Her hateful disownment of her own daughter is one of the most painful moments we’ve had in this series so far, including the tragic scenes with Clarke.

As for ‘Queller’, I think we all knew what was going on there. Now it is confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt with the arrival of Catesby, everyone’s second-favourite malevolent moggy. Then there’s Orkid, who is almost certainly a Bespoke Robiny Death written with an unfortunate reader in mind.  Whoever that poor activist is based on, Mr Jarvis probably isn’t sorry, but we at Myth & Sacrifice extend our heartfelt condolences. Rest in pages.

Matt’s Thoughts: I’m assuming that the Royal Hotel in this chapter is the actual Bay Royal Hotel in Whitby, in which case, this is what the ballroom looks like. When I see this photo, I imagine Mr Jarvis being in Whitby for a book signing or something similar, having dinner in the ballroom, having a look around and thinking, ‘Hmm … what if this place was full of sick and dying people?’ Then chuckles to himself, while everyone around him thinks it’s because he loves the menu …

Anyway, I’ll stop writing fan-fiction about Robin and get back to the story, which is just getting grim. Sickness to begin with and then the falling out between Cassandra and Lil (which is particularly tough to read when Cassandra has always been such a kind mum to Lil in the past).

But … on the positive side, Catesby is back and taking out environmentalist Instagrammers, so at least the chapter ends happily for the ‘wicked old sheep killer’.

P.S. At the last minute I came across this great video made to advertise the Royal Hotel, but which is also a phenomenal set of shots of Whitby. The fact that there is not a human being in site in most of the images just seems to make it more atmospheric, to my mind.


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