The Devil’s Paintbox | Chapter 13

devils paintbox

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

She did not hear the noises of the night that scratched over the roof and outside her window, nor sense the long insect limbs that felt their way round the frame, seeking entry.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: It’s good to see Cherry on the mend at last (I like that Lil thought to include as many colours as possible in her healing blanket) and at least Lil has some motherly support in Noreen meanwhile.

I also enjoy the developments up at the Abbey enormously. As a Whitby Witches old-timer, the irony of gothy, how-I-wish-I-were-a-real-witch Cassandra forming a sort of coven and overseeing midnight dances around bonfires is by no means lost on me. Sorry Cass, the Black Sceptre got cleared out years ago, you’ve missed your chance for the real deal. But then, I don’t think beardy, unkempt Nathaniel is your type somehow…

Matt’s Thoughts: A moment of warmth in the midst of the trial, with Verne’s mum suddenly becoming a supportive player, and Jack Potts turning out to be a master tea-maker. (And possibly a master foreshadower as well.)

It also is a nice way of giving Noreen a moment in the story. Given that everything is so magical, it would be easy for Cassandra to be the parent that gets the most story-time because of her goings-on up at the Abbey. But Noreen isn’t sick and isn’t possessed so can actually do things. So not to write her off as a typical parent who lectures the kids on leaving things up to the grown-ups is really nice. She reminds me somewhat of Gwen Brown, to be honest.

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