Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Devil’s Paintbox

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Devil’s Paintbox are as follows: 

TRACY EVANS  (The Power of Dark | Prologue – The Devil’s Paintbox Ch 16)  Naive and vulnerable, Tracy was ultimately lured to her death by the deceit of Mister Dark. Though perhaps not greatly liked in life, she was, at the end of the day, just a restless and unhappy teenager. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends.

 JOE  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 4) First victim of the Yellow Scourge, this beloved husband and father will be missed.
VICTIMS OF SCOURGE YELLOW  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 4 – The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 16) Rest in peace all those who died after that accursed plague swept over Whitby. May such horrors never again visit their town.
THE HELICOPTER CREW  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 7) Taken down by the Carmine Swarm, these unfortunate reporters were at least spared the slow death of the Scourge.
ORKID  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 9) Intrepid eco-warrior, Orkid was slain by Mister Dark’s unholy familiar, Catesby. May she rest in peace.
CHERRY CERISE’S FATHER  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 10) Cherry’s terminally ill father met his daughter again by chance in the last days of his life, and his passing was more peaceful for it.
VICTIMS OF SAHARA SAND  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 12) Buried by the unnatural sands of the fourth paintblock, it is to be hoped that these nameless residents of Whitby did not suffer overmuch.
PC REG GIBSON  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 12)  Killed by the monstrous insects which arrived with Sahara Sand, PC Gibson will be remembered by his family and friends.
VICTIMS OF CHINA WHITE  (The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 14) Crushed or trampled in the moments after the fifth paintblock was used, these poor people were at least unknowing when they died. Their relatives and friends will however carry the burden of their accidental deaths forever – the true evil of China White.
CHERRY CERISE  (The Power of Dark | Prologue – The Devil’s Paintbox | Ch 16) Whitby witch, town eccentric, and all round groovy lady, Cherry Cerise was murdered by Mister Dark on the night of Gansey Blue. She is remembered and sorely missed by Lil and Verne, and the sacrifices she made in limiting and negating the effects of the Devil’s Paintbox will stand among the great deeds of all Whitby witches. She now boogies in the veil with her predecessors, a lauded member of that sacred sisterhood.

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