Time of Blood | Chapter 9

the deptford mice almanack _0002

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Hello, Cherry!’ Lil cried joyously. 

Aufwader’s Thoughts: I love Lil in this chapter. Only a few pages ago she was almost horrifically murdered, and now she’s ordering Bram Stoker and Henry Irving around like they’re her spooky happenings sidekicks. Which, to all intents and purposes, they are. If anyone can rout the nefarious Mister Dark and thwart the designs of the Deep Ones, it’s these three, with Nannie Burdon, Cherry the parrot, a poker, and plenty of Gabriel’s Trumpet on the side. Here’s to their enterprise!

Matt’s Thoughts: If Wikipedia is to be believed, there was always speculation that Bram Stoker, despite his marriage, was attracted to Henry Irving. I do wonder if this is what Florence refers to when she talks about Bram having ‘sealed areas of his life’.

We don’t really get a chance to find out much about that, because Mr Jarvis, by this stage, is keeping the plot well and truly clipping along. All I’ll say is that the idea of a famous real-life author joining forces with Jarvis heroes to take down the evil bad guy is hugely entertaining and exactly how I hoped this story would go.

Now, the mill – this is one of those things that proved tough work to research via the internet, especially looking for a picture. The closest I could come to it was this series of pictures on a forum showing the mill and then the process of it being dismantled:


As soon as you see it, you can instantly see its appeal as a creepy location. Look at the arms on that thing! They look like razor blades!

One thought on “Time of Blood | Chapter 9

  1. Discovering that mill was a real revelation for me. I only found out about it whilst researching for this book. One of Whitby’s forgotten wonders. I have no idea why Stoker didn’t mention it in Dracula, as it would have dominated the horizon while he was there. Such a shame it’s gone.

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