Best Yule Wishes from Myth & Sacrifice!

Greetings from Aufwader: At the beginning of this year I probably would have opened this post with something like ‘Salutations one and all! Well met, fellow intrepid rereaders!’ but I think at this point, those of y’all heathens that’re left know Matt and I well enough that we can dispense with those sorts of flourishes and get right down to the, er, bone and gristle.

So, first and last order of business: an enormous, gilt, jewel-encrusted thank you to my aforementioned co-blogger, without whom I would not be writing this tonight; to Mr Jarvis, without whom this whole enterprise would never have been; and to everyone who has followed this ambitious and somewhat harebrained scheme to blog through the first half of Robin Jarvis canon in 2017.

In all honesty this year has been something of a choppy sea for me, but through it all, the reread has been a beacon of hope and looming deadlines. I have learnt a great deal and grown a great deal through the first half of this great grand Robiny journey, and all I can hope for is that everyone reading this has taken something positive from the project, be it tall or meek. A berrybrew toast to you all, and warmest Yuletide wishes!


Greetings from Matt: I was feeling extraordinarily lazy for this post and decided to just record my Christmas greetings to the extended Jarvis family via video!

One thought on “Best Yule Wishes from Myth & Sacrifice!

  1. Yule greetings to you both and the rest of the re-readers as well! This is such a spectacular project and I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring. I’m so glad to have found out that I’m not alone in my passion for Robin’s work, and have a place to discuss it in-depth with other fans.

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