Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | Time of Blood

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of Time of Blood are as follows:

MURDER VICTIMS OF THE MARQUESS DARQUELLER, INCLUDING: AN UNNAMED GENTLEMAN LOCAL TO WHITBY, TWO SCOTTISH HERRING GIRLS, AND MISS ESME FULLER  (Time of Blood | Ch 1 – Time of Blood Ch 2) A hard-working maid of Bagdale Old Hall, Esme, like her unfortunate predecessors, was murdered in mysterious circumstances. Grace Pickering, her replacement in the position of Bagdale maid, later discovered that Miss Fuller had been killed to sate the appetites of the Marquess and his loathsome familiar, Catesby. It is assumed that the three other victims were slain for the same vile purpose. May the Esk bear their immortal souls to heaven’s kingdom.

MISS GRACE PICKERING  (Time of Blood | Ch 1) After discovering the awful truth of the Marquess Darqueller, Grace was tragically murdered by that merciless villain on a misty Whitby night. Not content to deny her life, the Marquess raised Grace’s corpse during her wake, and by his evil arts, stole her from her very deathbed with the intent of offering her blood as sacrifice to the Lords of the Deep and her corpse as a vessel to entrap Them. Though Grace’s body was destroyed in that hideous ritual, her spirit rests in peace. Grace is survived by her father and missed by her community.

MISS MARTHA GALES  (Time of Blood | Ch 3 – Time of Blood | Ch 8) A friend to Lil and an innocent daughter of Whitby, Martha was engaged to be married to Bill Wilson before a curse caused her to catch the attention of the Marquess Darqueller, and so sealed her doom. Martha met the same fate as Grace after death, however, the Triad decreed that her spirit, like Grace’s, should be released from the Marquess’s unholy clutches. Martha will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

MRS BEATRICE PADDOCK  (Time of Blood | Ch 1 – Time of Blood | Ch 10) Cook at Bagdale Hall, Mrs Paddock was killed and cannibalised by Mrs Axmill while the latter was under the thrall of her master the Marquess. May Beatrice, who never found true love in life, find peace in death despite her violent end.

MRS AXMILL  (Time of Blood | Ch 1 – Time of Blood | Ch 10)  Consumed by the Marquess’s unholy arts, Mrs Axmill, formerly housekeeper at Bagdale Hall, was compelled to commit numerous evils in Darqueller’s name. Fuelled by the Marquess’s false promise that she would be his third and living bride, Mrs Axmill aided him in murder and a series of macabre and unnatural surgical experiments upon animals and people, before being callously slain when her master no longer had need of her.

MISTER DARK [CALLED: QUELLER, THE MARQUESS DARQUELLER]   (The Power of Dark | Ch 2 – Time of Blood | Ch 10)  Cut from the gallows and reanimated by the alchemist Melchior Pyke, the nefarious Mister Dark finally met his match when he attempted to bind the Lords of the Deep to his will. Thwarted at the last, he was devoured by the vengeful Triad, though what upheavals his death may cause in Whitby’s future are still unknown.


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