The Woven Path | Chapter 8

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

As the skies flared and the fires rampaged, a small child hared frantically through the chaos.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Yes, Edie! Love this kid! A miniature queen of the rubble who bites the hands that try to save her and wears live ammunition as jewellery. For the first human Robiny heroine, she’s a very fine start indeed.

I also love the clever touch with the time portal here. In the middle of an air raid, of course nobody is going to notice a giant, corkscrewing, violently purple vortex spitting out a kid in slippers from the future! (Except the only one who needs to, apparently.)


Matt’s Thoughts: Is it my imagination or is World War II becoming a glamorous movie setting nowadays? There was the odd WWII movie in my day, but I do feel like it’s a lot more prominent now to set stories during the war. It’s almost as if, as it becomes more distant in living memory, we are finding the idea of the war more interesting and romantic.

All of which is to say, this story would work even better as a film today than it would have in 1995 when it came out. Special effects would well and truly be up to a character like Ted, kids are braver at the movies. Bring it on, I say!

Also, really clever use of surprise here. I was fully expecting the child scrambling across the rubble to be Josh or Neil, but then when it turns out to be a girl, I got thrown for a minute. Enter Edie, clearly with her own fascinating back story and set of powers. Looking forward to finding out more about her.

Not so sure about the Belial box …


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