Up Next | The Raven’s Knot


And if you’re as thoroughly immersed in the world of the Wyrd Museum as we have been over the last couple of weeks, this is a reminder that next up will be The Raven’s Knot. He’s sucked the stars from Deptford and Greenwich, he’s wreaked Armageddon on Whitby (twice now) and blitzed the East End of London all over again.  And next on Mr Jarvis’ list is the town of Glastonbury, which is about to become very dark, mythical and nasty!

Ancient ravens, historical towns, more Norse mythology, the destiny of the Chapmans and the Webster sisters … and a whole bunch of other stuff that we don’t want to spoil too much for you. It’s all in The Raven’s Knot, and it’s going to be brilliant.

Copies readily available in digital and paper formats on Amazon, so order yourself a copy and get ready for an ancient showdown of mythical proportions this February!


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