The Woven Path | Chapter 16

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

The heavens were as black as ink now.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: This chapter is just as ridiculous as I remember it – Ted trying to steer the aircraft, the Websters turning up dressed as pilots, Miss Ursula calling our fluffy hero ‘Edward’, and Miss Veronica getting all excited about the ‘awful deadly danger’ in the middle of a nose-dive and having to be told off. It’s hilarious and deeply silly, but knock me down with a knitting needle if I wasn’t glued to the page the entire time.

I mentioned this before during The Power of Dark, but there’s something about Robin’s grand, poetic, and vaguely pompous writing style that makes the goofiest of scenarios seem truly life-or-death.

In a chapter full of hairy moments, I do have to point out a couple of comedic lines, though. The first is Ted asking why it couldn’t have been the frog bones instead of Belial, Archduke of Demons, and the second is his quip about ‘rootbeer’. In amongst all the drama and suffering, it’s somewhat comforting to know that Angelo never lost his signature sass.


Matt’s Thoughts: Wow. I was not expecting, when I started The Woven Path, that we’d end up in a bombing raid over Germany. And the whole thing was so visceral, not least because when it comes to the safety of the characters in the book, I really don’t trust Robin Jarvis at all. (Sorry, Mr Jarvis, I’ve been let down too many times in the past.)

While I know there’s still more stuff coming and we’re not near the finale, nonetheless, I felt like this chapter could have gone anywhere. So Ted getting sucked out a hole in the plane? I was gasping. Everyone passing out and about to crash? I was on the edge of my seat. I know we say this all the time on this blog, but how are books that are so filmable still not out as movies?

Anyway, we all know how it turned out now, and even I had to love the subtle humour when Miss Celandine said she was the only one who liked the beer.

And, obnoxious as Ted was to start with, he’s fast becoming one of my favourite characters. Which is why I’m getting nervous that he’s got a bottle of sacred water sewn into him now. Surely this can’t bode well?

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