The Woven Path | Chapter 17

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘I am the stage manager, the only one who can assimilate and organize.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Well, Kath turned out to be important, but not in the way any of us had imagined. I had an inkling a few chapters ago when she brought that mysterious box from her wardrobe, but now the horrible truth is confirmed. This definitely isn’t one of those times when we enjoy the subterfuge of a Robin Jarvis character, and we can only dread what her schemes will come to.

As for Frank, this can only be the lead-up to the scene of the prologue. I said earlier that he didn’t deserve any of what was about to happen, and with the truth out about Kath, I feel compelled to reiterate: Frank now joins Piccadilly, Twit, Pear and, in a loop of time brought about by the rearranged reread schedule, Martha Gales, as yet another character who deserved better. 


Matt’s Thoughts: Ha! I got caught out by a Robin Jarvis red herring. Here I was thinking Kath was going to turn out to be a witch or someone possessed by Belial and instead she turns out to be a Nazi spy. So even here at chapter 17, there are still plot twists happening! Love it. I have no idea whether Nazi spies really did meet in shady backrooms of dodgy cafés, but the scene is so atmospheric, I love it.

And then we have a nice little moment with Angelo and Jean. I still don’t know how everything will pan out for those two – we know he’s destined to be trapped as a teddy bear, and she could well be a widow – but maybe not? Either way, we feel that this is a moment for them, but the future is cloudy.

Also, was it just me, but did anyone else take that joke about a warden blacking out the sun as a bit of a Final Reckoning in-joke? No, just me?

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