The Woven Path | Chapter 18

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

How could a B-17 be in an East End bomb site?

Aufwader’s Thoughts: This is the time to recall that Edie was found under the rubble of her home after having lain with the corpse of her mother on top of her, and her dead sister’s hand on her face, for four days. Four. Days. And she’s now trapped in a ruined cellar with a half-dead GI!

That said, Edie has been drinking the water of the Wyrd well. What that does, we have yet to fully discover, but she’s been living in a bombsite for several weeks, conversing with ghosts. I think it’s going to take more than an oversized cockroach to quench that girl.


Matt’s Thoughts: So what does this mean for Aufwader if Arnold Porter has been destroyed twice? (Once by a bomb and then again by a soul-sucking demon.) That makes a challenge for her obituaries post …

I loved the way the imagery is somewhat ill-defined when Edie sees Belial (we get the impression of darkness and a ravenous mouth, but not much else) but then quite clearly a B-17 for Frank. He (Is Belial a he? Was this ever specified?) is one of the more interesting supernatural villains that Mr Jarvis has created in a long while.

Also, now we’ve got the missing part of our story from Ted and everything in the prologue makes sense – including the parachute mine, which just looked like a bit of background detail at the time.

I’m sure it will be grim, but it’s going to be an awesome finale. I can feel it.

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