The Woven Path | Chapter 19

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

She was beginning to lose control, succumbing to the tantalising waves of violence that now pervaded the atmosphere.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: ‘Angelo returned her gaze and smiled. All he wanted to do was hold her and he knew she felt the same.’ Robin, I am going to barf. This isn’t Call the Midwife, and I am not having this wishy-washy wartime romance nonsense in my finale. (Okay, okay, it’s your finale and I can’t remember exactly how it goes, but there had better be a couple more bloodstains in the weave, is all I’m saying.)

That mush aside,  I knew Edie would be all right, I just knew it! Now it seems as if Belial has taken centre stage as the main problem, but there’s still Jean to save and Josh to rescue from the time portal. Will the Chapmans get out of this alive? Will anybody?


Matt’s Thoughts: How awful is Ma Stokes? She might just be one of the most aggravating creatures that Robin Jarvis has ever created.

Was almost surprised how confronting the scene was between Ma Stokes and Nazi Kath (that’s her official nickname, isn’t it?). But then once you remember that everyone here is falling under a demonic power of evil, that sort of makes sense.

I also like that the darkness of this encounter is offset by the next scene where Neil finally realises Ted’s true identity. I do like Ted as a character and I’m hoping that there will be a happy ending of some kind for Angelo, Jean, Frank and … well, actually, yes, if Kath is a Nazi, that’s not going to end well, is it?

Hmm … yeah, there’s no way this can have a neat packaged American ending …


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