The Woven Path | Chapter 22

wyrd 1

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Thus shall a new age of darkness and death shall begin!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Hmm, looks like this book really is exactly what it says on the cover. To look at it without knowing anything of this series, one might suppose that the cover art is a (very vivid and striking) exaggeration; a composite of many dramatic scenes, designed to tantalise young readers with its bold sensationalism.

As we now see, however, that is most definitely not the case. The Woven Path has indeed delivered us, in sweeping, epic prose, no less, a one-armed, sentient teddy bear being chased through the rubble of a WWII bombsite by a gigantic, demonic cockroach. Honestly, who could ask for anything more.


Matt’s Thoughts: It’s official. I love Ted. I don’t hold out much hope for his continued survival past the end of this book, but in Australia, we love underdogs, and he is it. Like Oswald and Audrey and their final showdown with Jupiter, the image of a lone teddy bear against a massive demon, determined to take him down, is just hugely inspiring.

You can forgive all his over-the-top American bravado for this one last brave charge. But even the holy water doesn’t work? I mean, WHAT IS LEFT?? (Well, I suppose there’s Edie’s incendiary device.)

Oh, and good riddance to Mr Ormerod as well. We might as well take out some Nazis while we’re at it.


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