The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 12


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Through the open door and reaching down from above, a great repulsive talon came stretching.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Best. Chapter. Ever. Or at least, in this book. There’s such a lovely ‘rural horror’ atmosphere to the crow doll coming alive to claim Sheila’s soul for its own dark ends, and then that fantastic scene where the group of travellers we have come to like get gruesomely slaughtered in their own van. Oho, I love it!


Matt’s Thoughts: I can’t work out whether Robin’s books were getting progressively more full-on as he wrote more, or whether I’m looking back now with young children of my own and getting protective.

The scene with the bus was a totally messed-up but riveting set piece if there ever was one. I was thinking to myself, ‘Wouldn’t kids be terrified of this?’ But then I’m remembering – that was the charm of Jarvis when I was younger. He made the assumption that for those of us that were brave enough to get into his books would be thrilled by the ride, no matter how dark. (Or regardless what our parents or teachers thought.)

I feel like there is a tale or two here of some particularly trusting editors and publishers as well, but I don’t know that one will ever be written!

Meanwhile, it’s starting to dawn on me what these massive flying creatures actually might be, but I’ll hold my theories until later in the book to see whether my suspicions prove correct or not!

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