The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 15


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Somerset holds the most inspiring spot you’ll ever see outside of dreams.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts:  I hadn’t really thought about anything in this series as a 2D animation (as I said in The Woven Path, I’m not too fussed about adaptation speculation for this trilogy), but this chapter convinced me that, were this book to be adapted, a mix of animation and live action might be an interesting and creative decision.

This was mostly brought about by the fact that certain characters keep slipping into Askar Storytelling Mode with only the weakest of prompts, and that necessary exposition might be best represented on-screen through a different medium than the story in the present. You know, for contrast.

Inspired by Aidan’s waxing lyrical about the history and mystery of Glastonbury in this chapter, I’d like to nominate Cartoon Saloon for the challenge of bringing the Summer Lands to swirling, folkloric life. If any of you have seen The Secret of Kells or Song of the Sea, I’m sure you’ll agree that studio would uplift the Tor and make it as Aidan sees it.


Matt’s Thoughts: If there’s one thing we get a bit envious of as Australians, it’s historical UK towns. We simply don’t have anything like them here.

Our country has many historical sacred sites for Australian Aboriginals which date back thousands of years, which hold one level of history. But these are fairly unchanging until the next major wave of history arrived with the British and their convicts in 1788. So it means no matter where you go in Australia, any town or location you visit was created only in the last couple of hundred years.

So we simply don’t have anything along the lines of Glastonbury, where there are layers upon layers of different beliefs and mythologies all piled on top of one another. Reading a chapter like this, I feel like Mr Jarvis didn’t have to dig too deep or look too hard to put together the mythology for this book – you only have to wander around a place like Glastonbury for a day and and stories and legends from many religions – pagan, Christian, etc. – all leap out and take shape.

In fact, this chapter reads like a spectacular recipe made of familiar ingredients re-packaged into something new and completely compelling.

Not to mention it also brings us almost up-to-date on the Webster back story and sets us up for just how freaking dangerous this town is at night.


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