The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 16


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Alas, alack! Large and terrible these nightmares doth loom in mine mind.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts:  This chapter’s opening made me smile – being a hill-walker, I can well relate to toiling up some steep slope only to feel that the cairn of the summit is sliding away down the other side. And, worse, getting to where you thought was the top and discovering that it’s only a plateau! I don’t envy Neil, freezing to death in his blazer on the Tor.

Then there’s the enigma of Tommy. I had forgotten that we find out he was present during The Woven Path, and what a clever little detail that is. Good on Neil for recognising that he obviously has something to do with the business of Woden and the Nornir – our young hero has been a bit sidelined on this book so far, so it’s nice to see him finally taking the initiative.


Matt’s Thoughts: In this chapter, I feel as if I personally have climbed the Glastonbury Tor. Maybe it’s just because it’s so far away and exotic, but this chapter is even more magical just knowing that Glastonbury exists and that you can physically walk up that hill and see that tower. Extraordinary.

Almost as extraordinary is that old Tommy should turn out to a) know all about Neil and his talking companions, b) have been in the Wyrd Museum when it was a hospital and c) be nearly 100 years old. He didn’t look that old in the illustration in chapter 6!

But then again, is anything what it looks like in this trilogy? A teddy bear? Or a reincarnated US airman? An old building in the East End? Or the site of the root of Yggdrasil? An English country town? Or a place where great magical forces are at work?

Who even knows if Tommy is everything he is cracked up to be at this stage?

Really, all I can say is that everything is … weird. Or is that Wyrd?

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