The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 17


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Perhaps it is we who are the children. Sometimes we’re the ones who need guidance.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Something occurred to me about Edie and Miss Veronica’s epic journey to Glastonbury – it’s as if they are being deliberately held back, prevented from reaching the hill at the appointed time.

We’ve all been on trips like that; someone reads the map wrong, sleeps through their stop, or gets locked in a loo, and what started out as an easy trip swiftly descends into chaos. Enough things go badly in a journey and we’re inclined to make jokes about ‘fate being against us’, and I can’t help but wonder if that is in fact what happens to wayward Verdandi here. Ursula is involved in luring her to Glastonbury, we know, but evidently the decision to betray her sister does not sit well with her. Perhaps the journey’s many setbacks may be Ursula having, if not a change of heart, then at least a wobble.

Back with Lauren, there’s a juxtaposition of the grave mythology of the main plot with the trappings of earnest but commodified belief going on here that I really appreciate. The same town which was once the Summer Land and over which the servants of Woden fly is replete with tacky new age shops; the tramp who collects angel-themed paraphernalia may in fact be something ancient and divine.

I’ve noticed this motif in almost all of Mr Jarvis’s work in some form, from the contrast between Madame Akkikuyu’s phoney magery and the real terror of Jupiter, to the irony of Lil’s parents running a ‘witchy’ shop in a town where true witches have been undercover for generations. It’s a remarkably complex theme that Robin handles very well, and one of the many things that make his work unique.


Matt’s Thoughts: So many plot strands here! We have the humorous journey of Edie and Veronica to Glastonbury – but now that they’ve arrived, their story could go anywhere.

And now Lauren and the creepy gift shop. If ever anyone gets a Jarvis merch shop off the ground, I’m buying myself a crow doll! (Yes, I know, it doesn’t really help you get a good night’s sleep, though.)

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