The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 23

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Death! Death! Death!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts:  Maybe it’s because there are more chapters in the Wyrd Museum books, or just because the plot is heftier, but I feel like we’re working up to the finale earlier than usual here. This chapter definitely has that ‘everything happening at once’ style that we’ve started to see when Mr Jarvis begins to put his characters where they need to be for the ending to happen.

Let’s take stock: Edie and Miss Veronica are trapped underground and possibly outside time all together. Neil and Quoth are fleeing toward the Holy Thorn. Tommy is up at the Tor, while Aiden provides a risky distraction for the Valkyries, one of whom is Lauren. Reverend Galloway is still going along with Thought’s deceit, though I get the feeling that that isn’t going to last much longer, and in amongst all this is Woden, planning to assail the Nornir directly. What a tangle! I feel like this will be the most complex finale we’ve yet seen, and since I can only recall one or two main points, I’m looking forward to seeing how our heroes will (hopefully) get out of this one.


Matt’s Thoughts: And after all my complaining, there’s a terrifying picture of a Valkyrie at the top of the chapter. I take back everything I said – and it was worth the wait.

And, best of all, we get our two favourite words in this chapter: Myth (with 12 Valkyries  now assembled!) and Sacrifice (No, Aidan, No!). Peter surely must be thinking he’s in too deep by this stage, but it’s too late.

I’m trying to work out how Woden is going to be defeated in this book, but I have no idea. My money is on it being something to do with the two raven brothers, but really, it could be anything. I’m just going to have to keep reading!

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