The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 26

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

And with those words, the leader of the descendants of Askar died.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: That was brutal, Robin. Brutal! Aidan was so likeable, so courageous, a font of history and legend, a true and loyal servant to the Nornir, and you snuffed his worthy life like so much used candle stub! I am upset, and aggrieved, but sadly not surprised. I’m going to be very cheesy and dedicate this track about the journey of the soul to Hel to our deceased descendant of Askar, because if anybody in this trilogy deserves a Norse dirge to accompany them to the underworld, it’s Aidan. So passeth a noble knight, indeed.

I didn’t really take to Reverend Galloway, I have to admit, but now I cannot help but pity him. Like Neil, he’s had his entire worldview shaken and stirred, but unlike Neil, it has made him less able to make sound decisions or stick to his own compassionate and brave moral code. Really, it’s telling about the sort of person he is. The Reverend was apparently always zealous and a little too overenthusiastic in his faith, and, sadly, when things go awry for him, he just isn’t built to cope. It’s a real low point when he does as Thought orders despite the evidence of his own eyes, but it’s also a very in-character thing for him to do.

Amongst all the gloom, it’s heartening to see Quoth sticking by Neil, and then realising that he can finally fly. Zooks-hurrah for that most stalwart of corvids!


Matt’s Thoughts: Not much to say except that I’m jumping on to the grand theatricality of this finale and seeing how it all works out.

Everything you could possibly want is in this chapter: the two raven brothers fighting each other, Peter doing something cowardly, Aidan doing something important with his last breath, Quoth flying (best bit of all!) and Tommy refusing to do anything, giving us that ‘Oh no!’ feeling. Two chapters to go!


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