The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 27


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘… the most powerful instrument of destruction there hast ever been …’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: So the truth is revealed at last, and poor Veronica sees all her dreams crumble before her eyes. It’s a heart-wrenching moment; she has spent half the book believing that she might yet find some happiness with her Captain, and escape from the drudgery she has endured for centuries, only to be deceived at the last. Even Edie’s comic turns of phrase (‘we’ve been ‘ad’ has got to be the best reaction to a Robiny betrayal ever) cannot lift the atmosphere of abject despair that this chapter leaves us with. As for poor Reverend Galloway, just because we all saw it coming doesn’t make his final breakdown any easier to read. It’s a bad time all round, and there’s only a chapter to go.


Matt’s Thoughts: Ah, the old spear of Longinus. I haven’t seen this in action since I read The Spear a few years ago (in which said object was being used to resurrect dead Nazis). Actually, there are any number of Nazi-connected stories about the spear (but we sort of did our dash of Nazis in Book 1, so I’m glad that doesn’t come up again).

There is also a Wagnerian connection, in that the spear (and the grail) are all part of the rather ponderous plot of Parsifal, Wagner’s last opera. (Apologies to people who love it – I know it has some fantastic moments, but there are some long, long stretches in that one.)

But no long stretches in this chapter, though! Quoth is being a hero, Thought is being something I won’t describe on this blog, Peter is losing his marbles, Verdandi realises she has been betrayed and Edie is being spectacularly brave. (Is there nothing that worries this girl? What an awesome character.)

Can’t wait to see how this all untangles in the last chapter!

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