Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Raven’s Knot

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Raven’s Knot are as follows: 

HAZEL and TOM  (The Raven’s Knot | Prologue) The first victims of the resurrected Valkyrja, Hazel was slain along with Tom as they drove through the Somerset Levels. The vile handmaids of Woden attacked the couple in the dark of night, hurling their car from the air with them still inside after a prolonged chase. May they rest in peace.

OWEN  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 8 – The Raven’s Knot Ch 12) First victim of the Twelve’s attack upon the Eden’s Bus, Owen was brutally killed by Valkyrie talons.

RHONDA, LUKE, PATRICK, and DOT  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 8 – The Raven’s Knot Ch 12) The remaining inhabitants of the Eden’s Bus met the same fate as Hazel and Tom, shortly after Owen’s grisly demise. Their ghosts dwell still in the Summer Lands.

AIDAN  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 8 – The Raven’s Knot | Ch 26) Descendant of Askar and leader of the Well Wishers, Aidan gave his life so that Neil might reach the Holy Thorn in time to be spared the wrath of the Valkyrja. A devoted and courageous servant of the Nornir throughout his life, Aidan was trusted by Miss Ursula in the dark hour when her sister left the sanctuary of the Wyrd Museum to journey to Glastonbury. His memory is honoured by the remaining descendants of Askar.

THOUGHT (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 3 – The Raven’s Knot | Ch 28) Faithful confidant of Woden and leader of the Twelve, Thought the raven was resurrected by the arts of the Gallow’s God, and ordered the carrying out of many heinous murders and deceptions before he was at last destroyed by the spear of Longinus. His maleficent soul is condemned to the void, and never again will he ride the bloody winds of war at his Master’s side.

REVEREND PETER GALLOWAY  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 4 – The Raven’s Knot | Ch 28) Deceived into Woden’s service, the kind-hearted but weak-willed Reverend Galloway met his end at the cruel beaks and claws of the Valkyrja upon Wearyall Hill. He was able to wrest back his will from the enthralment of Memory and defend himself before his death. Tragically, however, he was slaughtered just before the ascendance of the divine being who had been imprisoned in the body of the elderly Tommy, and so never set eyes upon the holy vision he arguably deserved to see. May the Lord receive his spirit.

TOMMY  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 6 – The Raven’s Knot | Ch 28) Trapped upon the earth as a wizened vagabond, Tommy was revealed to be angelic, one of the holy host against which the Valkyrja could not stand. In its devouring fires were the Twelve vanquished, and by the death of its human form was it able to ascend once more.

MISS VERONICA WEBSTER [VERDANDI OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ASKAR, THIRD OF THE NORNIR]  (The Woven Path | Ch 2 – The Raven’s Knot | Ch 28)   Bearer of the Measure of Doom and erstwhile beloved of Woden before immortality claimed him, Verdandi finally met her end in an act of great bravery, sacrificing herself to save young Edie from the spear of Longinus. Imprisoned in the Wyrd Museum for countless generations with her sisters, she sought freedom at the last, and was able to find a brief happiness despite the guile of Woden. With her death began the Cessation, and the fall of the Spinners of the Wood.


MISS VERONICA WEBSTER would like to convey to EDIE DORKINS the following message from the beyond: ‘Look out for the Undine, dear. And always keep your eyes peeled for trouble.’ 

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