The Raven’s Knot | Chapter 28


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Over Glastonbury the celestial, shining being was revealed in all its apocalyptic, dream-like glory and the living plane shuddered at the violence of its reawakening.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: So now we get the Valkyries chanting about death! Good call, honestly, there couldn’t have been a better moment to bring that detail up. The manner in which Thought finally expires is also a good touch – he doesn’t just keel over, tongue out, but we get a sizeable paragraph about him gasping sawdust, turning back into a wizened relic, and finally disintegrating all together.

It really emphasis that in this series, Woden is a god of illusion and decay, a false Captain who flies bright banners but wears only bones beneath his gleaming armour. It’s an excellent contrast to the Nornir, who appear crumbling and decrepit, but are in fact the opposite. Fair is foul and foul is fair in Robin Jarvis canon, after all.

Now we have the culmination of all this book’s foreshadowing in the finale – Reverend Galloway really does do brave and holy deeds, Tommy, in a David Almond-like twist, turns out to be a genuine, honest-to-god angel, and, unhappily, only Edie returns to the Wyrd Museum. Alas for Verdandi, and alas for the Spinners of the Wood now that one of their number is no more. What fatal strand is woven into the great tapestry of the Wyrd Museum and all who dwell there? There’s only one way to find out.


Matt’s Thoughts: Cleverly done, Mr Jarvis. The set-up with Peter about angels not appearing as we expected certainly led us to expect something like the Valkyries, but to have an angelic three-headed dragon?

This also is enough of a massive serpent / dragon reference for me to put the Robin Jarvis Universe back on the table. Does this now give us the prospect that Morgawrus was some sort of fallen angel? Interesting concept, if it is.

Regardless of how – or if – all the Jarvis mythologies tie together, nonetheless, this one has been quite a trip. I would have loved to know more about some of the characters, such as Aidan, Tommy and Peter, but the danger ramped up so quickly and fiercely, they were all pulled into action before we had a chance to get to know them too well, sadly.

I was also hoping to see an appearance by (the real) Woden, given that he caused all this mess, but apart from his sinister epilogue, it appears that I must wait on that front as well. As in, wait till tomorrow. After all, we are moving on to Book 3!

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