The Fatal Strand | Prologue & Chapter 1


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Upon the Tor a horrible battle had been fought and now, for those few who remained, this was a horrible, grief-filled time.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Before the sanguine abhorrence of Freax and Rejex, before the yellow bile of The Devil’s Paintbox, there was The Fatal Strand. The award goes to this offering for being the first Robin Jarvis book to genuinely scare me in a way that was Not Funny, Robin, and I can’t lie, I’m not exactly looking forward to re-living it. However, the tapestry must be completed and all loose threads snipped to perfection, so here we go. Kind of wish I had a Ted to clutch.


Matt’s Thoughts: This series almost feels like one mega-novel – each book more or less starts where the last one ends up.

Again, I can’t tell at all where this one is likely to head, but starting off with a bit of grief and suffering is always a good sign! We have neatly moved the action from Glastonbury back to Bethnal Green, though, so I’m assuming we’re back in London for these proceedings.

And what’s the little demon thing? Where’s he going to fit in? No idea.

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